Thank You, from Herb Adams

How can I ever thank the fine many  people in this fall campaign
who welcomed me to their doorsteps, their homes, their hopes ?     A
handshake to each would be best, but this letter to all will have to
Maine will face many stiff challenges these next two years.
Given this governor  this economy, and the coming
sure-to-be-contentious  presidential election, much of what Mainers
hold precious will be under challenge until 2016.
But Maine has climbed this hill before.  If we hold to our core
principles — decency, fair play, equal opportunity for all, a love of
our Maine’s naturals bounties — we will make it to the top.  It is
the stuff we are made of.
It is an honor to be part of that journey.   Onward !  We are all
in this together.
Best Wishes To All
Herb Adams

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