Herb Adams, a legislator who defends our natural resources

Herb Adams

Voter for Herb Adams, a legislator who defends our natural resources

I am writing to endorse Herb Adams for re-election to the Maine House of Representatives from District 40.
I urge those voters in his Portland district who love Maine’s outdoors, to vote for him on Election Day.
When I served as Maine Commissioner of the Department of Conservation, I advocated for protecting the natural assets of our great state. Quality of place means quality of life! While enjoying the gifts we received from those that came before us, we must be committed to enhancing and protecting those assets for future generations.
Herb Adams knows this and has always fought to defend Maine’s natural bounty while in the Legislature. I saw him fight to preserve our Maine coast heritage and the future of our fisheries. He sponsored two popular “Land For Maine’s Future” bond issues. Both of those bond issues were passed overwhelmingly by voters.
“The Land for Maine’s Future” program has been a primary source of funding for most of the major land protection projects over the last 25 years and continues to be very popular, and Herb has always been a big supporter.
I watched Herb speak up for adding spectacular Katahdin Lake to Baxter State Park — and it got added!
Herb has also been involved in enhancing Baxter Woods here in Portland.
We need the strong voice of Herb Adams as our Representative in Augusta, to continue the successes of the past, in preserving our natural heritage.
I am proud to endorse Herb Adams for the Maine Legislature, and urge those who love Maine to vote for him on Nov. 4!

Richard Anderson, Retired
Former Executive Director, Maine Audubon Society
Former Commissioner, Maine Department of Conservation
Founder, International Appalachian Trail

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