Herb Adams wins Portland resident’s support

Based on school experience, Herb Adams wins Portland resident’s support

If I lived on the other side of Congress Street, I could vote for Herb Adams in the upcoming election for the Maine House of Representatives, and I would.

My experience with Mr. Adams is as a student at SMCC. He is an inspired and inspiring educator, an outstanding public servant outside of any elected position. He is also a prominent and accomplished historian, who has worked tirelessly to preserve and communicate our rich history to all Maine residents. This is important to me as a voter. Are all candidates truly motivated by public service? What did they do prior to running for office? Do they have an established track record of service in other areas, or is this desire to serve a recent development? While not foolproof, this background helps me decide who will accurately represent their constituents, vs. those who may have other motivations.

History and government courses have the potential to be very dry requirements for graduation, but Herb Adams breathed life into the people who laid our foundations for his students. As a voter, this is an important trait, one of great benefit to each of us who elect our officials. The humanity behind each issue and decision must be considered. He was always available for any student who needed his support and guidance in order to succeed.

After leaving SMCC, I called on Mr. Adams to write a letter of recommendation for a job in my field. After I was hired I was told by the woman who checked my references that his reference was “so awesome” that she knew she “had to hire me.” He did not do so to court my vote. I am not in his district. However, if an issue inspired me to communicate my opinion, I feel I could always call him.

Our legislature has many lawyers and businessmen holding office. That makes sense, but it also makes a great deal of sense to elect an educator, particularly an educator who knows our history so well. Despite my inability to vote for him, Herb Adams has my full support in his bid for office.


Mary Jo Sellick



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