Herb Adams cares about people, deserves your vote

Herb Adams cares about people, deserves your vote

Editor,I am writing to tell you why I support my friend Herb Adams for the House this fall and why I hope readers will do the same. It is my story but one that could happen to us all.

Last summer, I suddenly found myself without my expected summer job, and just didn’t know where to turn. So I called on my neighbor and friend Herb Adams, who I knew cared about people in moments of stress, and wrote him a letter. It was the right call. Herb came to my door that night. He got all the details right away. We met several times in the next few days, and he searched out opportunities for me. He wrote me several recommendation letters,each one for a different outfit.

Those recommendation letters were gold. Herb’s name carried weight, and in no time I got two part-time jobs to tide me through that summer because of him. What sort of a friend would do that? A good one, who was a good legislator before and will be a good one again.

Herb really cares about people one-on-one and proves it with action, and I know I am notthe only one he does things like this for.

But I am a grateful one, and Maine is lucky to have people like him serving us in Augusta. That’s why I’m voting for Herb Adams for state rep. this fall and why I hope you will, too!


Adam Easton


Portland Sun letter of support for Herb Adams. October 14th 2014

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