Adams sponsored bill in recognition of Malaga Island eviction.

Letter to Portland Daily Sun

Herb Adams deserves your vote; Malaga Island effort recalled

Published Date Wednesday, 01 October 2014 20:37 Written by Marilyn Darling Voter


It has come to my attention that former Maine House Representative Herbert Adams has decided to re-enter politics and run for House Representative, District 40. I am very excited that he has determined to serve his fellow citizens again.

Mr. Adams first came to my attention when I heard that he had sponsored a bill in which the State of Maine apologized for the eviction of the residents of Malaga Island in 1912. Malaga was inhabited by families of mixed race and the families were innocent victims of the Eugenics (racial purity) movement. I was angry then because it had been done so fast in the last days of the legislative session that no descendants were present to hear what we had been waiting so long for. I did say at the time, that at least somebody did something.

I later met Herb on Malaga Island with the fellow sponsors of this bill and heard him read the entire proclamation with such resonance I was moved to tears. He had got it right! He knew thoroughly what the families had suffered back then and since. After Herb finished, Governor Baldacci apologized to those family members present and to members of the NAACP. Because of Herb’s enthusiasm in getting a major wrong righted, Malaga Island and its history has come out of the shadows. In part, because of his work, Malaga Island history was presented through a yearlong exhibit at the Maine State Museum, and most recently the Maine Legislature approved a $250,000 scholarship grant to direct descendants.

Herb Adams took up this cause and saw it through because one of his constituents asked him to. I do not live in District 40 so I can’t vote for him but you can. Please send him back to work for you in Augusta. We need good men and women there. He will serve you well.


Marilyn Darling Voter


For more info on Malaga Island and audio of Herb’s dedication speech, see this post:  Malaga Island: A bittersweet centennial

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