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Maine Voter District 40

For years we have been voter district 119. A new map has been drawn and new numbers assigned. The bulk of district 119 is now district 40. Here is a map of district 40 (Click on image to enlarge) Still not sure? You can find your district information by entering in your address at the Maine State […]

Referendum Summary

Dear Neighbors, I hope this summary will help when you vote on our crowded state referendum ballot this fall. Question One was placed on the ballot by a Citizens’ Petition. Question Two through Seven are Bond Issues for the state to borrow money. Detailed info on all can be found at the Secretary of State’s […]

Thank you

Thanks to all for the kind words and hard work! Starting today, our next job must be to protect MaineCare, secure the social safety net, seek justice for all, and bridge the $756 million budget gap. For Maine’s sake, we are all in this together.

Heating Season is Here: Know Your Rights

Maine’s winter heating season has officially started, following a record number of CMP electric shutoffs for consumers who could not keep up with bills. “Consumers better know their rights,” said former state Rep. Herb Adams, the longest-serving member of the Legislature’s Utilities and Energy Committee. “Just before temperatures drop, the number of disconnects shot up,” […]

Portland as an arts mecca

Big Business gets TIFs, so why not Arts Districts? The creative economy has saved Downtown Portland, and brought life back to many a Main Street in Maine towns where our traditional local economy is under stress or has vanished. You don’t have to flee to the mall to fill storefronts with talent, creativity, and art. […]

Shout-out to state workers

I’m grateful for every endorsement, but I was particularly proud to receive one from the MSEA, Maine State Employees Association (SEIU Local 1989). I’ve known many state employees and found them to be dedicated people, many of whom choose to work for the state rather than pursue higher pay elsewhere because they care about serving the […]

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