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Soldiers’ Memorial Day Speaker

Despite the rain, the show goes on! Herb as the speaker of the day at Evergreen Cemetery services, Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th, 2016. Hundreds attend the parade and services at our City’s greenest place of memories and monuments.”              

Thank You, from Herb Adams

How can I ever thank the fine many  people in this fall campaign who welcomed me to their doorsteps, their homes, their hopes ?     A handshake to each would be best, but this letter to all will have to do. Maine will face many stiff challenges these next two years. Given this governor  this economy, […]

East Bayside in the spotlight

Nice to see some recognition for this neighborhood’s many good qualities. Check out today’s Press Herald story.

Farewell, Steve

Yesterday I was honored to deliver the eulogy for Steve Huston, a strong advocate for and from Portland’s homeless community. Steve had his demons, and though he fought them bravely, he was not always able to keep them at bay. But he also had a great deal of energy and passion which he devoted to […]

Portland as an arts mecca

Big Business gets TIFs, so why not Arts Districts? The creative economy has saved Downtown Portland, and brought life back to many a Main Street in Maine towns where our traditional local economy is under stress or has vanished. You don’t have to flee to the mall to fill storefronts with talent, creativity, and art. […]

Happy Birthday, Franklin Towers!

Tonight I had the honor of attending the 43rd anniversary dinner at Franklin Towers, Portland’s high-rise housing complex for senior citizens. The dinner was delicious, but far more pleasant was the company. A special thanks to the kind ladies who insisted on giving me the last piece of cake! I saw many old friends and […]

A forgotten service remembered

Yesterday I was part of a ceremony honoring Richard Hill, a long-forgotten African-American from Portland who served in the War of 1812, at a ceremony in Eastern Cemetery. His tragic yet uplifting life story (outlined in this article from the Portland Press Herald) is part of the rich fabric of Portland’s history, and I was […]

Honoring Veterans


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