Herb Adams cares about people, deserves your vote

Herb Adams cares about people, deserves your vote

Editor,I am writing to tell you why I support my friend Herb Adams for the House this fall and why I hope readers will do the same. It is my story but one that could happen to us all.

Last summer, I suddenly found myself without my expected summer job, and just didn’t know where to turn. So I called on my neighbor and friend Herb Adams, who I knew cared about people in moments of stress, and wrote him a letter. It was the right call. Herb came to my door that night. He got all the details right away. We met several times in the next few days, and he searched out opportunities for me. He wrote me several recommendation letters,each one for a different outfit.

Those recommendation letters were gold. Herb’s name carried weight, and in no time I got two part-time jobs to tide me through that summer because of him. What sort of a friend would do that? A good one, who was a good legislator before and will be a good one again.

Herb really cares about people one-on-one and proves it with action, and I know I am notthe only one he does things like this for.

But I am a grateful one, and Maine is lucky to have people like him serving us in Augusta. That’s why I’m voting for Herb Adams for state rep. this fall and why I hope you will, too!


Adam Easton


Portland Sun letter of support for Herb Adams. October 14th 2014

Adams urges power consumers to know their rights

Adams urges power consumers to know their rights

Maine’s winter heating season has officially started, along with rights and protections for consumers who may have trouble keeping up with the bills, a former legislator seeking re-election in Portland announced.

“Consumers better know their rights ” said former state Rep. Herb Adams, the longest serving member of the Legislature’s Utilities and Energy Committee.

Central Maine Power set a record number of electric shutoffs for consumers who could not keep up with bills in 2011-12, noted Adams.

“But winter rules are different, and provide consumers with protections longer, and help sooner. The Maine Public Utilities Commission in its annual report said CMP disconnected service to a record 29,554 homes in 2011, a sharp 60 percent increase over 2010. Figures for 2013 show a spike but are still incomplete.

“CMP privatized their bill collection efforts, and beefed-up collection methods meant more shutoffs, even during summer heat waves, endangering elderly and infants,” said Adams. “Winter weather gives consumers a chance to regroup under new rule and new protections. Under Maine law, gas and electric service cannot be shut off during the peak winter heating season from Oct. 15 to April 15. Additionally, PUC rules bar utilities from shutting off any customer between Nov. 15 and April 15 without explicit permission from the PUC Consumer Protection Division.”

Rules require a full information packet explaining options be mailed or delivered to homes which have lost heat or light service since last April 15 before a winter disconnection may take place, said Adams.

Letters, phone calls and in-person attempts at contact are required before a winter disconnection can take place, said Adams.

Consumers can contact the PUC’s Consumer Assistance Division toll-free at 1-800-452-4699 to work out a payment schedule and get free help and options to meet the bills.Help includes:

• A year-round Low Income Assistance Program (LIAP) that provides utility bill discounts or credits to challenged families.

• An “Energy Crisis Intervention Program” for eligible families get get disconnection notices but still cannot negotiate or meet a payment plan. Emergency assistance from Maine Department of Human Services when a disconnection is imminent.

• Eligible customers on oxygen pumps and ventilators 8 hours a day may qualify for a utility credit to cover the cost of electricity for life-saving equipment.

“Customers should contact their utility first — in Portland, usually CMP or Unitil gas — and if not satisfied, call the PUC Consumer Assistance Division toll-free,” said Adams.

As a state legislator, Adams noted that he sponsored many of the laws that created these consumer protections.

“A little help can go a long way toward keeping families warm and stable during the darkest months,” said Adams. “These winter rules are good for all of Maine and all Mainers.”Adams served Portland as a legislator until term limited in 2010.

Adams is a candidate for re-election to his former seat on Tuesday, Nov. 4. He is running in new Portland House District 40, Oakdale, Parkside and Bayside, created in the last state-wide redistricting.

Press release Printed in Portland Daily Sun

Maine Voter District 40

For years we have been voter district 119. A new map has been drawn and new numbers assigned. The bulk of district 119 is now district 40.

Here is a map of district 40 (Click on image to enlarge)

Still not sure? You can find your district information by entering in your address at the Maine State Voter Lookup Page.

District 40 voters will vote either at The Expo (If you live west of State St. and Forest Ave. ) or at Merrill Auditorium Rehersal Hall (If you live east of State St. and Forest Ave. )

District 40 map


Link to state website district 40 pdf map House District 40

Adams sponsored bill in recognition of Malaga Island eviction.

Letter to Portland Daily Sun

Herb Adams deserves your vote; Malaga Island effort recalled

Published Date Wednesday, 01 October 2014 20:37 Written by Marilyn Darling Voter


It has come to my attention that former Maine House Representative Herbert Adams has decided to re-enter politics and run for House Representative, District 40. I am very excited that he has determined to serve his fellow citizens again.

Mr. Adams first came to my attention when I heard that he had sponsored a bill in which the State of Maine apologized for the eviction of the residents of Malaga Island in 1912. Malaga was inhabited by families of mixed race and the families were innocent victims of the Eugenics (racial purity) movement. I was angry then because it had been done so fast in the last days of the legislative session that no descendants were present to hear what we had been waiting so long for. I did say at the time, that at least somebody did something.

I later met Herb on Malaga Island with the fellow sponsors of this bill and heard him read the entire proclamation with such resonance I was moved to tears. He had got it right! He knew thoroughly what the families had suffered back then and since. After Herb finished, Governor Baldacci apologized to those family members present and to members of the NAACP. Because of Herb’s enthusiasm in getting a major wrong righted, Malaga Island and its history has come out of the shadows. In part, because of his work, Malaga Island history was presented through a yearlong exhibit at the Maine State Museum, and most recently the Maine Legislature approved a $250,000 scholarship grant to direct descendants.

Herb Adams took up this cause and saw it through because one of his constituents asked him to. I do not live in District 40 so I can’t vote for him but you can. Please send him back to work for you in Augusta. We need good men and women there. He will serve you well.


Marilyn Darling Voter


For more info on Malaga Island and audio of Herb’s dedication speech, see this post:  Malaga Island: A bittersweet centennial

Colonel Sabine Edwards, a Civil War veteran from Maine

Sabine Emery Memorial Tribute

On Saturday, June 7, 2014 dignitaries gathered at Portland’s Eastern Cemetery to honor Colonel Sabine Edwards, a Civil War veteran from Maine. Researcher Ben Smith, Sabine’s great, great granddaughter Nancy Tidrick, The 3rd Maine Infantry, historian Herb Adams, along with the 2nd Maine Calvary and officials of the Abyssinian Meeting house and Ben were on hand to pay tribute to this courageous man who never fully got the recognition and the proper burial he deserved.

50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Oh, Freedom! The Civil Rights Act of 1964: Then and Now

February 27, 2014 – The SMCC Learning Commons hosted a panel discussion commemorating the “Freedom Summer” and the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The discussion was moderated by former Maine State Representative and current SMCC History Professor, Herb Adams. Featured panelists included: Attorney Harold Pachios – Former Assistant Press Secretary to President Lyndon B. Johnson, Hon. Gerald Talbot – First President of the Portland Branch of the NAACP and Voting Rights Activist, and Attorney Zach Heiden – Chief Legal Counsel, Maine Civil Liberties Union.

Referendum Summary

Dear Neighbors,

I hope this summary will help when you vote on our crowded state referendum ballot this fall. Question One was placed on the ballot by a Citizens’ Petition. Question Two through Seven are Bond Issues for the state to borrow money. Detailed info on all can be found at the Secretary of State’s website on the Upcoming Election 2014

Good luck voting this fall!

-Hon. Herb Adams (772-2565)

Click to View 2-Page PDF of my Referendum Summary

Professional Firefighters Endorsement Letter

Professional Firefighters of Maine  endorse Herb Adams 4014

Professional Fire Fighters of Maine Affiliated

International Association of Firefighters

John Martell, President 41 Brickyard Cove Rd.

Tel. 207-432-2370 Harpswell, Maine 04079

October 6, 2014

Dear Editor,

The Professional Firefighters of Maine are pleased to endorse Herb Adams for re-election. Working people will be in good hands with Herb back in the legislature. As professionals in our field, We’ve seen Herb at work in the Maine Legislature, and know that work has produced positive results for those in his District. Workplace safety, healthy conditions, and decent pay for decent work show that society cares for those who sacrifice to keep all of us prosperous, whatever our job. We’ve seen Herb always put his shoulder to the wheel for those things, and for all of us. In these tight budget times, those values mean more than ever. We need legislators who will work for all of Maine now, more than ever. Herb’s record shows he is such a legislator.  We have faith he always put the betterment of his constituents before any other consideration.  Working people need him back in the job now, more than ever.

We are proud to endorse him and encourage you to vote for Herb Adams on November 4.


John Martell


Printed in the Portland Daily Sun

Thank you

Thanks to all for the kind words and hard work! Starting today, our next job must be to protect MaineCare, secure the social safety net, seek justice for all, and bridge the $756 million budget gap. For Maine’s sake, we are all in this together.

East Bayside in the spotlight

Nice to see some recognition for this neighborhood’s many good qualities. Check out today’s Press Herald story.

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